MasterBits Climax Collection vol 7 Bass [1 CD]


MasterBits Climax Collection vol 7 Bass

Alembic, Ken Smith 5 String, Patitucci 6 String, Pedulla Pentabuzz, Warwick thumb and a vintage acoustic Bass from Czechoslovakia (all sampled in minor thirds with different playing techniques and at several velocity levels) are waiting to kick some bass.

More than 500 Samples: Slaps & Slides, Picks and Pops, Chords and single notes, open and mute, deadnotes etc. The bonus tracks feature a selection of classic Synth bass sounds. Performance oriented key mapping makes a realistic Bass performance a cinch.

"This CD concentrates on multisamples rather than licks or loops, which guarantees a wide range of applications, expecially since every bass has been captured with different playing techniques. The instruments are state of the art and have been played by well known musicians. Audio quality is excellent - extremely punchy" - KEYS

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Купите песню для Александры Стрельченко!

Купите песню для Александры Стрельченко!

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