Soundbytes Early Patches [1 CD]


Soundbytes Early Patches

Early Patches provides a well-recorded set of medieval and Renaissance instruments in three main categories: Wind, Strings and Percussion.

Some Highlights:

- This unique collection comprises the sounds of 45 different acoustical instruments wich are widely used in the performance of either Early Music and also for World Music.
- Some of the string instruments and bells were recorded using different playing playing techniques. this results in 52 different multi samples that were used for an even greater number of presets.
- The instruments were mostly sampled in steps of small thirds and often even narrower to preserve the natural sond of every instrument throughout its whole range.
- All the samples were painstakingly looped "by hand" to ensure the best achievable results.
- Every drum sound layered up to seven different dynamic steps.

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Соловьиное Счастье

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